My DCP Timeline

The Beginning

If you came here specifically to learn about the Disney College Program or are curious to how I started out my career with Disney, here is a brief timeline my Disney College Program.

A few specifics right off the bat..
I already miss living here!
CP Term: Fall 2012
Arrival Date: September 5, 2012
Departure Date: January 4, 2013
Role: Shallow Water Lifeguard at Disney's Contemporary Resort and Bay Lake Tower
Deployments: I was deployed twice, one week to Disney's All Star Resort and one month at Disney's Pop Century Resort.
Housing: A 3 bedroom at Vista Way (Roomies' roles: 1 other Lifeguard, 2 on Culinary Program, 1 QSFB (outdoor foods), 1 Merchandise)
Classes: I did not take any Disney Classes, but I did attend a few Career Development workshops (Resume writing, networking, and presentation skills)
CP Events: My favorites were Oktoberfest and CP Formal (it was fantasy themed!). Both had lots of food!

Surrounded by my roomies at a paint party. How cute!

My Disney College Program Timeline

(includes links to corresponding blog posts)

September 5: Check In at Vista Way, Casting, Drug Test, and Lifeguard Swim Test
September 6: CP Housing Meeting at 1pm at the Commons
September 8: Traditions! at Disney University (DU)
September 9: Welcome to Recreation Class at DU
September 10-12: Lifeguard Class at Mickey's Retreat
September 13: Off
September 14: Legacy Day at Disney's Contemporary Resort (Resort Orientation)
September 15: Off
September 16-18: On the job Training & Lifeguard KAPA
September 19: Four Key Basics Class at the Contemporary
September 20: First Full Day of Work!

October 22-26: Deployment to Disney's All Star Resort
October 27-31: Boyfriend visit!
October 31: Halloween at Bdubs

November 22:  Celebrated Thanksgiving by eating the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream
November 29: Applied for Full Time at Casting
November 30-December 3: Trip to Baltimore, MD

December 4: Begin Deployment to Disney's Pop Century Resort
December 5: Found out that I got Full Time as a Pop/Art Lifeguard beginning January 7th
December 22: Family visits for Christmas!

Jan 2: Last shift as a CP at Pop Century
Jan 4: Last day as a CP. Had to turn in my key, Vista ID, and car decal :(
*Also before going full time I had to get a new Disney blue ID, since the ones for the college program have an expiration date on them

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