About Me

About Me
Did I mention I'm Belle?
Hi friends!  Thanks for stumbling upon my blog, Kingdom Hopping, which has followed my journey as a Disney College Program participant, a full time Disney lifeguard, my fun Disney tips and challenges, and most recently my experience becoming a Front Desk Supervisor for the Walt Disney World Resort.

A bit about me. I'm now 28 years old, but I began the whole Disney adventure at 22. I graduated from Purdue University (Boiler Up!) in May of 2012 in Hospitality Management. Before graduating I toyed with the idea of doing grad school or finding a real job back home, but none of it seemed right. So instead I followed through with my dream to do the Disney College Program, with plans to find a job after and get some hospitality experience with the Walt Disney World Company.  I like to think that working for Disney is my grad school experience.
I don't plan on staying with Disney forever (unless one of my brothers moves down with me or by some miracle I become manager of the Rose and Crown), but I'm really excited to see how I can do within the company. I have high hopes for myself, and so far I've already received multiple advancement opportunities.

Other Things: Duffy is my absolute favorite Disney character. My end dream career would be opening a microbrewery/brew pub with my family (my family loves drinking I mean making beer!). I also love writing and would love to actually finish a novel someday. Seeing myself on an "About the Author" blurb would be a dream come true.

I just love him soooo bear-y much!
Where should you proceed from here?
Don't know where to start on the blog? Well, if you are curious about my start with the Disney company in the Disney College Program, head on over to take a look at "My DCP Timeline." After that head over to my "Blog Series" page to get an overview of some of the topics explored on the blog and pick your favorite.

If you're going for the thorough approach, "This is the Girl" was my very first post on the blog. Start there and click Newer Post to read this whole story in sequential order. Come on... I dare you.

UPDATE JULY 19, 2018:
I am no longer actively updating this blog. Any new Disney content I write will go up on my personal website, so don't forget to check me out there! I will still see any comments you leave here!


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