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Many of the blog posts here at Kingdom Hopping fall under a specific topic or have been written as a series. To make it easy this page is a hub providing links and descriptions to each of those topics.
Guarding the World
These topics focus on the lifeguard role as a cast member. I talk about everything from the used swim suits to the training. Although my last time working the role was in 2013, I still try to think of more information to give about the role. I know many of the people finding this blog are future CPs considering the Lifeguard Role. If you are one of those lucky ones, enjoy this series. Feel free to leave a comment if you have further questions!

Where in the World?
These posts are just for fun to test your Disney know-how. All of the photos are taken by me (or my Dad). Don't worry. I have included some hints to help with the more challenging ones.

Running around the World
In "Running around the World" I review each of the Walt Disney World Resort hotel's jogging paths. On top of that I cover some of my "Disney Running Resume," which includes running in the Inaugural Tinker Bell 10K at the Disneyland Resort in California, the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and the Tower of Terror 10 Miler.

Conquering Concierge
In this "coming-of-age" story, I go into detail about my transition from being a Full-Time Disney Lifeguard to accepting a Full-Time role in Concierge at the Walt Disney World Resort. I talk about the in person interview at Casting and what my motivations were behind the switch. The series covers my experience training at Disney University and at Disney's All Star Resort. I was trained first as a Front Desk agent. Then after about a month working on the Front Desk side, I went back to begin my Concierge training.
"The Candlelight Special" is the newest mini-series for the blog. So new, it has yet to go live!

Honestly performing in Candlelight Processional was my favorite memory from living in Disney World. If I ever moved back or worked seasonally, I would HAVE to be in the show again. Spending entire days at Epcot rehearsing or being in the show gave me such a new appreciation of Epcot, the Disney "Arts", my friends, and even myself! This mini-series is for anyone who is curious about the process of the "Cast Choir" and the whole Candlelight Processional show. If you're a current Cast Member with any questions about auditions or performing in the show, I will probably answer them in this series. If I don't, please feel free to ask!

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