Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Running Around the World: An Introduction

When I first thought about doing an introduction post for my new series "Running Around the World," I figured... um, what's point? It's reviews about running in Disney World. There is not a whole lot on which to extrapolate. Then as I was gathering my photos and experiences that I wanted to make sure to include, I realized that I should probably include some information on the races I have done, and maybe on how I have trained for those races. Or include information on the other runs I do at Disney, which are not strictly of resort guest interest. Did any of those trains of thought make sense?
Let me just start with a history of this series.
When I first moved down to Disney World on the college program, I had several goals and challenges for myself. One of those was to run at every single resort and do a corresponding blog post with each. Simultaneously with that challenge, I was training for my first ever half marathon, so it was a very practical challenge. I needed to up my running mileage, so I could do that while testing out new places to run. I moved to Florida in August, and my mom and I were signed up to complete the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February.

I actually did an awesome job keeping up with my running while on the CP, which is crazy to me. There were a few factors that I feel helped with this. I had an extremely reliable schedule. Which days I worked always changed, but the hours that I worked were always the same. I had to leave my apartment by 9-9:15AM to get to work on time, so I would very often run right before work. That run would be an easy run around my apartment complex, Vista Way.

Also since I had a roommate who typically worked nights, if I set an alarm (out of respect to roomie), I GOT UP WHEN THAT ALARM WENT OFF. Those mornings where I could snooze the alarm and get up later? No. That would be unfair to my roommate if she had to hear my alarm a second time, so I was very reliable when it came to responding to my alarm. I also typically woke up relatively early every day, since my schedule was always the same. I miss that sleep schedule so much. I currently wake up at 12pm every day. It is really depressing. But that's not a topic for this blog.

When I moved out of CP housing, I was still pretty good at keeping up with my running. I would run the same areas for my distance run, and of course I would throw in some resort running. During this time I was on a half marathon training plan that I adapted from an online plan. I named it "Train Like a Princess" and I kept it on my wall, so I could write in what run I actually completed and how many miles/what my pace was. This version below was from January, so it was about a month before the Princess Half.

My plan at that time in the blog was to complete a series called Train Like a Princess, where I would blog weekly about my running progress.
This was not a thing that happened.

But I did keep up with my training, and I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2013, and it was the most fun I have ever had running. I ran down Main Street, through the castle,  across the TTC parking lots, and past the wedding pavilion. I really had a blast.

Running down Main Street USA (in California)
After that Half I ran a half-marathon in my hometown of Indianapolis in May 2013, which is the largest half-marathon in the nation (Think 9 times the size of a Disney race?). I have also run the Inaugural Tinkerbell 10K in Disneyland and the Tower 10 Miler at Hollywood Studios.

Some people get addicted to the bling
I have had so much fun with the runDisney events, but they are pricey so I really have no desire to do any of the runs more than once. Running my first half marathon did start a fire in me and just showed me how I could accomplish the goals I put my mind to. Running a half-marathon is not that difficult (if you are healthy and legs are able), it is more about the mind power and perseverance it takes to complete the race. If you are interested in running at all I say go for it! Start small with a local 5K. There's no reason to spend all the money on a Disney race if you don't like running, but that is my personal opinion.
I ran the Tinkerbell 10K with my brother, Brady
Let me know if you have any question about runDisney events, running at the Disney resorts, or running in general! I love planning half marathon training, so if you need help creating a schedule, I'd love to collaborate! Or if you just need someone to cheer you on and tell you, "You can do it!" I am available for cheerleading as well.
I let my brother pick our running outfit
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