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Flights of the Kingdom: Beer Flights

Black Velvets. Not a beer flight, but yum!
Arguably my favorite of all flights.

Scratch that.

Easily my favorite of all the flights (besides flights to somewhere exotic or maybe Peter Pan's Flight... Nope. Thought it over. Still my favorite). The Beer Flight.

Beautifully enough, most places in Disney that serve beer offer a beer flight. With that being said, many of the beer flights you encounter will be very similar, so completing each of them will not necessarily teach you anything new about beer. For example both Ragland Road and the Rose and Crown have a beer sampler. They are both the same beers, Harp, Guiness, Bass, and Boddingtons. Chances are if you already have an interest in beer of any kind, you have already sampled each of these, so there is really no need for you to take part in this flight. Unless of course you are on vacation and completing 4-5 different pours of beer sounds like a really good start to your day or night.

With this understanding in hand, there are ultimately 2 reasons to try any beer flight.

Reason #1. To taste and sample without committing to a full pour usually with the goal of picking one beer to commit to.


Reason #2. To drink 

Here are Kingdom Hopping, we are not here to judge your beer flight tasting reasoning. Honestly, whichever path you choose, we just want to help you and give you all the facts. But really Reason #2 is what we are all about today.

Completed Beer Flights: 

Big River Grille and Brewery

Beer Flight at Big River Grille and Brewery
Price: $
Ranking: FAVORITE!
This was the first flight I had ever done in Disney World. It actually might have been the first flight I had ever completed ever! I am 21 in this picture and that smile says it all. My mom and I were on holiday together at the Boardwalk. We had just arrived from visiting family in West Palm Beach, and we had actually just received some tragic news. It was one of those moments when you feel almost guilty continuing on with something like a vacation. My mom and I needed something to distance us from the news, since we really couldn't do anything about it until we returned home. A beer flight flew us right back to Neverland.
Big River is the only microbrewery on Disney property, and it is wonderful. The beer flight featured 4 pours of their normal beers, plus one seasonal beer they brew. During our trip they actually had 2 seasonal beers, so we had 6 pours to ourselves! If you're looking for a real quality beer flight in Disney, this is your stop. This is one of your only stops, so don't skip it!

Ragland Road
Beer Flight at Raglan Road at Downtown Disney
Price: $
Ranking: Okay.
My parents and I found ourselves bar hopping through the Downtown Disney Area, and naturally we found ourselves stopping in at Ragland Road. Ragland Road is a great atmosphere to get drinks or share a meal. The inside bar was actually imported from Ireland and there is live entertainment like bands and Irish dancers all year round. They are really entertaining, and if you have kids, they may take them on stage! I do not have kids, nor have they ever taken me on stage, so we are going to move past that part of the experience.
My choice when I am at a more traditional pub is always a Black Velvet (half Guinness, half cider), but my parents were just beginning their night, so they each opted for a beer flight. One of those beer flights is the standard "Irish" beers, Harp, Guinness, Kilkenny, Bass, maybe Boddingtons. The other flight choice at Ragland features their own beers, so that is definitely a flight worth trying.
The Wave at Disney's Contemporary Resort
Beer Flight at The Wave Restaurant at Disney's Contemporary Resor
Price: $
Ranking: Good.
Do you need organic beer in your life? If you answered yes, then the Orlando Brewing Company Beer Sampler is for you.
This is another one of those, you've probably had this beer before. If you are a beer fan living in Orlando, there's a chance you've already made your way to Orlando Brewing Company to check our their free brewing tour and to sample some of those brews in house. If you have not, congratulations. New beers for everyone. Plus they are served in these stylish ,stem-less wine glasses in their own metal flight...container.
Epcot's Rose and Crown
Imperial Sampler at The Rose and Crown in Epcot
Price: $
Ranking: Okay.
My boyfriend and I found ourselves at the Rose and Crown one evening. He opted for a whiskey flight. I just wanted a beer, but I did not want to be left out, so I opted for the IMPERIAL SAMPLER. Doesn't that just sound fancy? Or like what they would serve on the Death Star? Mostly the latter.
There is nothing in this flight that I have not sampled before, Bass, Harp, Strongbow, Boddingtons, and Guinness. But as you can see, these are pretty large pours... and I love a classy flight/sampler with its own beer mat. Makes you feel special.
Beer Flights during Special Events/Festivals
Farm Fresh Beer Flight at Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival
Availability: Seasonal & Subject to change
Price: $
Ranking: In love.

Beer Garden Beer Flight at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival
Availability: Seasonal & Subject to change
Price: $
Ranking: Good.
The last 2 flights I am including can be purchased during one of the Festivals at Epcot, either during Food and Wine or Flower and Garden. These offerings change year to year, but I can say with some confidence that there will always be at least 1-2 beer flights offered during these festivals.
Personally I enjoy the "food and wine" offerings a lot more during Flower and Garden than I do for Food and Wine festival. The Farm Fresh Beer Flight was definitely my favorite of the flights as well. I love Florida Brewing Company's I-4 IPA. This year at Flower and Garden they were not offering larger pours of beer. I would have just opted for my IPA, but it was a small pour. If I am going to get in line and purchase a beer, I want it to be worth my time. That's why I opted for the beer flight. I was not disappointed.
What beer flights are your favorite? Are there any more that you would include on this list? Let me know in the comments, and I'll be sure to sample it myself!

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