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Best Cast Member Discounts in the "World"

Ft Wilderness' Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue, my favorite discount!
Cast member discounts are a wonderful thing. In Walt Disney World they can often seem few and far between. There are often small print associated and block outs dates, so please do your research on your discounts! My favorite type of discount usually is in the form of food.  Unfortunately, when it comes to food and quick service restaurants, we don't really get them. So when you're just planning a short trip into the parks and need some corn dog nuggets from Caseys, you will be paying full price.

The best advice I can give you about discounts is to always ask because it can't hurt to try, and to educate yourself on the hub. There are some awesome discounts out there, but sometimes they will have block out dates. Like on the exact days that you have a friend visiting and you want to use it.

(These are all subject to change. These are just the discounts I loved when I was there, so research and make sure they are still valid!)

Trail's End Breakfast

40% off 

Where should I even begin?? Some of the best restaurants in the "World" live at the Ft Wilderness Campgrounds. Trail's End is my favorite brunch spot because it has THE best discount. Often when I have gone, there will be a huge table of fellow cast members also taking advantage**. There is always fresh fruit, hot coffee, cheese grits, Mickey waffles, and even smoked salmon. Don't forget to ask for the moonshine! It's the specialty juice they serve. You'll probably want a pitcher for the table. (**Sometimes they WON'T do separate checks, so if you are with a group of fellow cast members, be ready for this.)

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue

50% off either the 1st or last show, there's always at least one show that's discounted

Hoop Dee Doo is also located at Ft Wilderness. I would suggest this show to EVERYONE. I have been about 5 or 6 times! That's saying something. Cast members receive a 50% discount for the show and that includes the gratuity, the show, unlimited beer/wine/sangria, and your whole meal (salad, fried chicken, cornbread, strawberry shortcake, AMAZING mashed potatoes!) Honestly I just need you all to just go to the show tonight. Or tomorrow. Or whenever your next free evening is. Have I steered you wrong before?

Boat Rentals

50% off   

I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW FUN THIS IS! I have always kicked myself for not renting boats when I was still in recreation, but the 50% discount is still awesome. I rented Sea Raycers with some friends. They seat either 1 or 2 people. I would definitely suggest renting your own. They go a lot faster with one person, and it is just so much fun. I would also suggest renting at either Bay Lake (Contemporary/Wilderness marinas) or the Seven Seas Lagoon (Polynesian or the Grand marinas). It gives you a lot of water to explore, and you can even boat right underneath the monorail and over cars! How cool!

Food at Merchandise Locations

20% off (or whatever your merchandise discount is)

They serve slushies at a few different merchandise locations, like in Storybook Circus and at the Ink and Pen Shop in Hollywood Studios.  There would also be a discount at places like the Confectionary on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. I don't use this discounts that often, but I definitely tell my friends about them. Like my favorite...

Karamell-Kuche at the Germany Pavilion in Epcot

20% off (or whatever your merchandise discount is)

This store should really be included in the previous category, however, this is one has sentimental value to me, so it's going to get its own category. Accept it. The caramel/chocolate shop in Germany is also considered a merchandise location. I would come here before or after performing in Candlelight and get my treats for 40% off with our holiday discount! Yum! You can get marshmallows or pretzels covered in milk or dark chocolate (but obviously you should pick dark). I just love this deal so much! Treat yourself sometime.

Starbucks at Downtown Disney/Joeffreys

Unfortunately, cast members do not receive discounts on Starbucks in the parks, however, Joeffrey's coffee stands typically do. I love a double espresso over ice. It's the perfect drink when you're hitting that 2pm slump, but have so much more park hopping to do! Also the Downtown Disney Starbucks locations (both!) do offer a cast member discount, so don't forget to ask!

Other Tips/Honorable Mentions

Don't forget that when you use a cast member discount for dining, they will add an automatic 18% gratuity, so you do not have to tip over that. That also means that your 20% discount is basically taking care of the gratuity, which is still a great deal.

Sanaa at Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge (Villas) usually offers a 40% discount like Trail's End. Definitely get some coffee and the naan/dip sampler. SO GOOD.

My last tip is just a general one. You will not get a Food and Beverage discount on quick service inside the park, but OUTSIDE of the park at resorts you will. So if you're at Magic Kingdom, and you can bear to get away for a bit, enjoy your lunch or snack at Captain Cook's or the Contempo Cafe. I would vote Captain Cook's. Why not use your discount on sushi??

What are your favority Disney discounts? Cast member, passholder, or otherwise?

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