Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Conquering Concierge: Concierge OJT Days 1-5

I've just been in a "Belle" mood lately
Goodness-gracious-good-lord-almighty. It's July, and I still haven't finished writing about my final training for concierge. That just shows you how much training there is!

To recap, first I began by being trained as a Front Desk Cashier (read about that here) and had about month on the Front Desk. The official ruling is that you get 10 shifts as a cashier, but with scheduling it could be more, like it was for me.  Finally I was scheduled for my 3 day concierge class back at Disney University. Now I'm going to briefly go over my 5 days of On the Job Training for Concierge.

I had 3 different trainers for my on the job training, which was actually a good thing because everyone teaches slightly differently.

Friday April 26, 2013

On the Job with Melissa (Day 1) 0815-1645

I had not met Melissa before she was my trainer, but I really respected her as a trainer. She said she'd been working at All Star for about a year.

As far as Concierge type transactions, I was really fortunate during my training. I got to do Cirque tickets, foreign currency exchange, dining reservations, and sell tickets all of my first day! Tickets and dining are very commonplace, but I have really on sold Cirque tickets a handful of times. My first day went pretty fast. After learning Front Desk Cashier you are really only expanding your Disney/Concierge knowledge, not relearning procedures. Banking in and out remains the same, you just get to use a different envelope during it.

Saturday April 27, 2013

On the Job with Melissa (Day 2) 0815-1645

Day 2 was with Melissa again. We did more of the same as yesterday. I pretty much knew what I was doing with everything, but it was still really nice to have a trainer behind me. With Front Desk usually the guests are checking in, checking out, paying their balance, or asking a question. And if it was something I could not do, like tickets, I would just send them over to Concierge. But at Concierge, you never know what your next guest is going to ask. They might want to ship a package, pick up will call tickets, reserve a specialty cruise, book Mickey's Backyard BBQ. Speaking of Mickey's Backyard BBQ...

I got to do ticket pickup for Mickey's Backyard BBQ. This is a little bit more common than Cirque tickets. Concierge can do ticket pickup for the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show, Hoop Dee Doo, and Mickey's Backyard BBQ. You can print them out through Alacarte, which is our dining reservation system. So that was exciting to learn, especially with a trainer telling me exactly what to do!

Monday April 28, 2013

On the Job with Mike (Day 3) 0900-1730

On Day 3 Melissa was scheduled to give a transportation tour (more information on this blog post!), so Mike was my trainer. He was really nice and has worked at attractions before, specifically Space Mountain. He told me stories about his experiences, which I loved!

I got to do loads more concierge things too! I sold a lot more tickets, including Florida resident tickets, which is a little bit different to do. The system requires that you put in their Florida address for obvious reasons. I also had the opportunity to query tickets. When you query tickets, you can see everywhere the ticket was used and when, which is great, but all guests really want to know is: DO I HAVE MORE DAYS ON THIS TICKET? So when you query it's really you doing a lot of counting and deciphering between "fun visits" (used at the water parks, Disney Quest, and miniature golf) or park visits.  Ultimately a very easy task, but there's room for human error, so it always makes me a little nervous.

Wednesday May 1, 2013

On the Job with Patty (Day 4) 0815-1515

Day 4 was supposed to be with Melissa again, but she had to call in because her daughter got an ear infection. So Patty was working Concierge that day, and she is coded as a trainer, so she agreed to train me for the rest of my shift. I had Monday and Tuesday off, which was much need and even better because on Tuesday they had "down time" on the Front Desk computer system (LILO). Down time is usually scheduled on Tuesdays around 2-7am, and it is during that time the make system updates for LILO. There is also "unexpected" downtime, which as the title may suggest is not planned for.

Tuesday must have been an example of  the "unexpected" variety. What happens is we can still at least look up peoples' reservations or tickets and if there room is ready, we can cut them a key. If it looks like we'll be down for a while, we can give out contingency tickets, so guests can go to the parks for that day and come back later, when the system is up to check into their reservation and their package tickets.  Also if people are on the dining plan and we cannot check them in yet, we let them know that they can purchase things on their dining plan and keep all of their receipts and we will reimburse them later and take the appropriate points off of their dining plan.

All of these might sound confusing, as it did for me, but it was basically all that I did this day, so I became really good at "adjustments," which is how we do the reimbursing/dining plan points magic.

Thursday May 2, 2013

On the Job with Melissa (Day 5) 0815-1645

For my very last day I had Melissa again. She was very curious about my experiences with the other trainers. Whether I liked them, if they were nice to me, and what they taught me. Each day was a lot of information and transactions, and each of my trainers were an amazing resource. I really did not have anything bad to say.

For Day 5 I was basically on my own. I tried to do everything without turning to Melissa. I only asked for her guidance, when it was something I had no knowledge of, so I could learn what the correct answer was or where to go to find the right answer.

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