Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where in the World?

Where in Disney's Hollywood Studios would you see this window surrounded by all your favorite plush characters?

Clues and fun facts ahead!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

May & June Life Updates!

 Hello! I just looked back and my last life update was from February, so I decided it's that time again!


This past May I actually flew home. Twice! It was the first time I'd been home since August 2012, so it was about time. This first time was early May to run the Indianapolis Half Marathon with my family. It was actually supposed to be a longer trip, but for some reason my Concierge training was pushed off until that week. I really don't like calling in for training shifts because that affects you and your trainer, and then I always worry that it might take Disney a while to reschedule the training. Believe me Disney and scheduling is not something I like to depend on.
After running the Indianapolis Half Marathon!
So the last week of April/the first week of May I had my 5 days of on the job training for Concierge (finally!), and then I went home for the weekend. It was so nice to be in a house again! And when I came back I had my first Concierge shifts without a trainer. It went pretty well too! I'm only getting more confident in all of my Concierge skills, and if you thought I knew a lot about Disney before....well, I'm getting close to knowing everything at this point!

So May was a lot of new guest interactions and new Disney skills to work on.  I also took part in a Transportation Tour of Disney, which All Star does just for their Concierge cast members. I had so much fun and learned so much! I'll be posting more that in the future as well. Also I had some friends visit with their boyfriends. I was able to get 3 of them into the park for free and then be a part of this amazing picture in front of the castle. They had really good timing too because now our IDs are blocked out for Magic Kingdom pretty much all this month and the next.
I can cross epic jumping pic in front of castle off of my bucket list now!
The last week of May, I ended up having only 3 days of work, so I ended up making this trip home a little bit longer. I was specifically going home to go to a friend's wedding (with my boyfriend who I got to see for a weekend too!), but I also loved the excuse to be home as well.

Star Wars Weekends were also in May. I'm sorry to report that I only went one night, but that one night was so great! I saw Warwick Davis' show and the Hyperspace Hoopla, and you can believe I'll have to another post with some information about that experience!


It's June now, right? Right! So this month has been a lot more learning in my role and really getting to know the people that I work with. Concierge is a very independent role, which is great, but it makes meeting coworkers and developing friendships a little bit harder. When I have a shift, I may be the only one coming in at that time or leaving at a specific time, so you don't even always have people to talk to when you're coming in or leaving work. I actually really enjoy opening and closing the Concierge desk because then I usually start or pull with other people. I think closing is especially fun because usually everyone took cash, and you just enjoy your time in the bank out room, talking about all the really weird or difficult guest situations you had that day.

Also this month I am making plans for my next big life step, which will be a new apartment and living by myself. I am so excited for this. The plan is to move in mid-late September into a one or two bedroom, which my mom will be subsidizing because she plans on visiting and staying at my apartment instead of a hotel and also now it'll be easier for anyone to visit me. I know it's only June, and I'm already planning, but right now I have 4 roommates and this is my 6th roommate living situation and it is time for me to have some peace and quiet. And if one of brothers decides to get a job in the central Florida area, well, he will already have a place to live.

From this post it looks like a lot happened in May (May IS my favorite month) and not as much in June, so let's make a deal. June can be as sleepy and boring as it needs to, as long as July is the best month ever. Deal?

Much affection,