Monday, April 29, 2013

Conquering Concierge: Concierge Class Day 1

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I just finished my 3 day class at Disney University covering the role of Concierge. Brace yourself because...It was SO MUCH FUN! Personally it was such a different experience than my Front Desk Cashier Class. It was a normal size class with 14 of us, about half being CPs or ICPs, so I had the chance to meet some hilarious characters, I mean new friends...

Sunday April 21, 2013

Destination Concierge (Day 1) 0830-1700

We spent a good 40 minutes introducing ourselves. I had one other person from All Star, who I'd met before. He actually goes to Purdue University, so our friendship happened instantaneously. The other cast members were from Old Key West and Saratoga Springs (they are a region), Wilderness Lodge, Port Orleans, the Grand Floridian, and Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was fun hearing each person tell stories about their resort. You could really tell that they all loved their resorts, specifically their resort families. I cannot say that I'm in love with my new area yet, but I already really really like it, so I know with time, I will probably have the same passion.  

After we finished going around the room and introducing ourselves (we also each shared a magical moment we had while working for Disney), we went over information about each of the 4 parks. We paid close attention to fireworks, parades, and proper nomenclature. We also covered what was new in each park, specifically in the last 10 years, since to many guests, rides like Soarin' are still brand new.

When our instructor introduced Disney's Animal Kingdom, he asked, "Why is it so important that we emphasis that this is a theme park?" And I couldn't keep the next 3 words to myself. 

 "Because it's nahtazu?"

The answer he actually wanted was that Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge are so similar in title that many guests get them confused when it comes to dining reservations. So we need to make sure they understand that Tusker House is inside the theme park, not the hotel, to save them the trouble.

It's okay. I liked my answer better too.

After the theme parks overview, we covered special events, Fastpass, Extra Magic Hours, Recreation, Water Parks, and Downtown Disney. If you didn't already know a lot about Disney, this class would definitely be overwhelming. Thankfully I have a wonderful grasp, so I was able to pinpoint a few things that I needed to learn, like the names of the five full golf courses on property.

Next our class covered the sales process, why loyal guests are so important to Disney, and briefly began covering types of Magic Your Way Tickets. The more and more training I do at DU, the more and more I think the classes are seven and a half hours of general information, and the last half hour is saved for actual technical knowledge.

Biggest Takeaways
  • We cannot print/sell annual passes or Florida Resident passes. Those must be printed from the Parks
  • Tickets that are lost cannot be replaced, unless you have your entitlement number. Whenever you buy Disney tickets, ALWAYS take a clear picture of the entitlement number. You might also want to write it down.
  • Park tickets can usually be put on your room keys (however, there are plenty of exceptions). If it's possible, I would highly suggest this, since room keys are very easy to replace.

This blog post is part of my Conquering Concierge Series. If you missed the previous update click here. If you're looking for the next post click here!

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