Thursday, March 7, 2013

Guarding the World: Overheard by the Pool

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From Fellow Cast Members:

"I call those (kids) 'at risk' swimmers. At risk of me getting in the water."

From Guests:

"Where do we go to hear the stuff?" 'To hear what? You mean the music in the pool?' (her friends) "Don't mind her. She's having a blonde moment." There is music piped in underwater in the pool at the Nemo section of Art of Animation. You literally just need to put one ear underwater to hear it.
"What do you call that technique where you look at the pool with your eyes?"  The lifeguards have to scan in and out of their zones, which includes us pointing at the water, which gets a lot of questions. And I think that's what he was referring to... I kid you not that's how he phrased his question.
"I can't touch here, but my lifejacket is making me float." 'That's right sweetie. You're floating. Just like the astronauts.'
Random littel boy floats by my in his lifejacket. He looks up at me and gives me the biggest smile and says, "I'm having a good time!"

Funny Cast Member/Guest Interactions

"Do you have a hot tub?" You're in it. Ya, in your bathroom. There are no hot tubs at Disney's Value Resorts, so Pop, All Star, and Art.
"You're from Texas? Do you know any cowboys or cowgirls?" 'Texas isn't all cowboys! Texas is for sassy people too.'
"Where's your chair?" We played musical chairs. And I lost. Every resort has a few roving stands, which means that the lifeguards have to rove their zone constantly. I was mid rove when I started talking to this girl

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