Thursday, March 28, 2013

Conquering Concierge: Front Desk OJT, Part Two

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This is the second installment about my second week of training to become a Disney Concierge. Start at the very beginning of Conquering Concierge here or check out Part One of my second week of training here. As always leave a comment if you have any questions for me! "Enjoy it!"

Thursday March 19, 2013

All Star Movies Cashier OJT (Day 3) 0645-1515

Today I was at All Star Movies instead of  Sports. The resort itself, of course, is practically identical to Sports, however, the back office for the Front Desk looks very different. At least to me. Other than that there were no big differences. The second room numbers were 7, 8, and 9 instead of 1, 2,  and 3 to indicate the floor (if you think of All Star as one resort it makes sense; sports123, music456, and sports789-like they are all on top of each other :p - Pop and Art do this as well).

I felt confident today and tried to grab every guest I could, which wasn't too difficult. I find as long as you smile and make eye contact, that guest will usually come to you as opposed to the person right in front of the line. I just genuinely like to greet all the guests, but today I wanted every experience I could get, either to prove that I knew what I was doing (for my own benefit) or to find a weird guest situation that I would never know how to handle on my own, so I could find out how my trainer would assess the situation. 

I really did not encounter any weird situations. I did have one guest, who had booked through a travel company, and their actual reservations were not what the company had promised them. It was similar to the guest I assisted on Tuesday, except in this case, the rooms had been booked, but 2 were booked at Music and 1 at Movies. So unfortunately, I had to charge the guest the difference of the room rates when we moved them from Music to Movies, where they should've been in the first place. They were very understanding, but I felt really bad even though the error had not been on our end and we were able to get the rooms they wanted.

I helped blow up and tie balloons today and gave them out to some really adorable kids, who all LOVED them I love watching the guests who are coming in for the first time or are just so excited for their vacations. Definitely a highlight of my day.

Friday March 20, 2013

All Star Movies Cashier OJT (Day 4) 0645-1515

Friday I was at Movies again. Pretty much the same as the rest of the week, except I didn't take any cash, so bank out was very quick. I definitely enjoyed that!

For the last hour of so of my day, my trainer took me the break room to look over the written test that goes along with Front Desk. It was like the written test I had as a lifeguard, in that it was more of a talking point than a real test. Yes, my trainer had me physically do it, but it wasn't truly graded. He just talked about the questions that I asked about and explained the ones I missed. Then we still had close to half an hour before clocking out, during which my trainer decided to tell me about what a good trainer he is and about all the cast members that he has trained, which have gone on to be FSAs... Read my next post on Front Desk training if you'd like to know why I was so utterly bemused by these stories.

Check back for Part Three!


  1. Found your blog through pinterest, and I'm so glad I did! I'm doing the DCP this Fall for concierge, I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences! :)


  2. Thanks Kayla! I hope I can give you some insight into what is to come! Let me know if you have any questions :)