Thursday, March 21, 2013

Conquering Concierge: Front Desk OJT, Part One

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I was really nervous going into this week. To actually be out on the desk with real guests? They trust me to do that? But now that I'm halfway through with my on the job training (OJT) for front desk. I'm feeling pretty good about the whole situation. Personally I just get nervous when I have to put off doing something, so just diving into the Front Desk was exactly what I needed.

Read on for an overview of my first two days of training.


Tuesday March 19, 2013

All Star Sports Cashier OJT (Day 1) 0545-1415 


I drove in to All Star Sports at 5:15AM and sat in my car until 5:30AM. I did not want to be late, but I did not want to be so early that I would have an uncomfortable amount of time to wait to clock in and also to wait for my trainer. I didn't know exactly where to go, so I walked in the entrance to the lobby from the pool and asked at the desk. They told me which door to use and what the access code was. Also where the clock was and where I could wait for my trainer. So I clocked in, put away my lunch in the refrigerator, and waited in the kitchen/break area until my trainer, Bert, found me at 5:45AM.

To begin the day Bert got me 2 keys, one for my station's cash drawer and one for my bank, which also had a key to a locker where I could keep my purse and things. Once I had those and I put away my things, I got out my bank and counted it to verify that I had the amount that it was supposed to. Once that was finished, we headed out to the desk. Initially my trainer put me at one of the first stations, but an FSA suggested that we move down a few stations, since it was my first day and the other station would get a little less traffic. He didn't want to scare me away on Day 1, I suppose. My trainer had me on the desk from the beginning. He said that some trainers let their trainees watch them at the desk for the first day, but that that is a waste of a training day, so he does not. I was fine with that. I just want as much experience as I can get, so I have a real grasp of what I'm doing when it's just me at the desk.
During my shift I get two 30 minute breaks. Also you get the 30 minutes at the end of your shift to use for banking out, since sometimes that can be a lengthy process with cash. 

We did have some problems right off the bat--A guest booked a 10 day Disney trip through a travel wholesaler. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the wholesaler had not actually booked the vacation with Disney.

I had a guest speaking only Spanish. I was all set and ready to call the language bank and get that experience, but Bert had me do it without. Instead he took care of explaining the Welcome Folder because he knows enough Spanish to communicate with the guests.

I had one Cash transaction, which the other cashiers HATE to get. I was just excited because I have to learn in anyways. Our banking out process involved us going to deposit the cash, which I will explain in more details for Day 2.

Wednesday March 20, 2013

All Star Sports Cashier OJT (Day 2) 0630-1500 

Today I had my first angry guest. His family was going to use Disney's Magical Express (DME), and he also wanted his daughter to ride with them, but she was not a guest with them at the resort. He said he didn't understand since his daughter paid so much money for tickets to the park, but unfortunately DME is only offered to resort guests.

I took another cash payment today, so I had to make another deposit during my bank out (Read on for the boring explanation-or feel free to skip!). 

If you don't take any cash payment for the day, then you simply recount your bank and put it back, just the reverse of what you do in the mornings. But if you take in cash, you first have to take out that amount, and then count your bank. The bank should balance (unless you had paid outs, refunds, or any other cash reimbursements-which you will have to pay off from your FSA) and then you can return it. The cash that you take out, goes into a deposit bag which you are able to lock. Then you take that bag from the back office to the bank deposit room, which is by the regular break room. There you are able to use a key to reopen your bag. Then you use machines to count your cash and coins and attach those receipts to the other paperwork that you turn in.

So you leave there cash free and fancy free, with your paperwork in hand, which you then get signed by your FSA.

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