Thursday, March 14, 2013

Conquering Concierge: Front Desk Class, Part 2

I see that you must be on the Platinum Dining Plan, Goofy.
I decided to split up this post about my first Week of Concierge Training, so if you haven't already read Part 1, I invite you to do so first! The is the last two days of training at Disney U, before heading on location to the All Star Resorts.

Tuesday March 12, 2013

Disney Lodging: destination cashier (Day 2)


So day 3 was WAY better than the first two days. I had been warned about day 3, since there is so much information to learn, but I loved it. I would much rather just be thrown into something, than to discuss it theoretically and stress out about not knowing whether I'll be able to handle it or not. Right off the bat we covered cash (we were given real fake money to work with) and practiced our new skills with a lab, since up until now, we've assumed that all of our guests are paying with credit card. It's not common that guests will pay for their hotel rooms in cash, but of course we need to know how. We learned how to do personal checks and travelers checks (also not common). Then we learned about packages, which are either retail (just the room) or wholesale (room plus tickets or rooms plus tickets and dining).

So for wholesale packages, we have the Magic Your Way park tickets and the Dining Plans. Oh my goodness, the dining plans. There are now 5 Dining Plans: Quick Service, Disney Dining Plan (the original), Deluxe, Premium, and Platinum. The Premium and Platinum Plans include unlimited tours, recreation, and Cirque du Soleil tickets. They sound amazing! If I ever did one of those, I would do EVERY tour possible, and it would probably be the most exhausting vacation of my life. And I would definitely eat at Victorias and Alberts to get my money's worth.

We did our second lab towards the end of the day. It involved guests with a package and a few different scenarios. The lab actually took us a long time, even with only two people, so I'm sure in a normal class that's why this day seems kind of overwhelming. But I was just excited to do everything, so it didn't seem as scary as I built it up to be in my mind. After lab we went over banking out, which I am not excited to do in real life, and then we were done with the day.

Biggest Takeaways

  • I know pretty much everything about tickets and the Dining Plans now.

  • Any guest doing a package will be prepaid, so they will never have a balance when they come to check in with me.

     I know how exchange foreign currency pay a refund (like for parking), and charge for a fax.



Wednesday March 13, 2013

Disney Lodging: destination cashier (Day 3)


Day 4 went a little slow again. There wasn't a lot of information left. We covered Check Outs, Groups, Online Check Ins, and finally Service Recovery. We had two different labs, one covering checkouts as well as late check outs and later one very long check-in. The very last topic we covered was guest service recovery procedures (how to deal with irate guest).. At this point of the day I was so drained and I had aheadache and wanted to go home, but I was still pretty excited. Technical stuff, I get and after I do it a dozen times and more on my own, I'll get it. But mean guests yelling at me? I need all the help, tips and tricks I can get. I was pretty surprised they left this for the last second of the last day, but I'm hoping I'll see this a lot during my OJT training, so I get more comfortable thinking up appropriate solutions for guests' problems. I don't want to share many of Disney's procedures for guest recovery, but I will let you know that most of it is left up to the discretion of the Cast Member. There isn't like a chart that says, "If a guest comes up to you with X problem, provide Y solution." Every problem is  solved in a different way, depending on the situation/guest. Just another way Disney provides excellent, individualized service!

Biggest Takeaways

  • For a Check Out, we ask for a room key, since that is now considered a valid form of ID

  • To make it more personal we say "Can you remind me of your last name?" to imply that we've met them before

  • Guests are welcome to keep their keys or we can recycle them. But we want them to keep them as souvenirs

  • LILO automagically checks out guests at 11AM, unless the guest has requested late check out. That's regardless of the guest opting for express check out as well.

  • Online Check In is Disney's attempt of letting guests "fastpass" the normal Check In line

My training schedule! One week almost complete!
Woohoo! I finished my first 4 days of training! Next up on my agenda is my resort orientation at the All Star Resorts called "Rolling out the Red Carpet" as well as 5 days of OTJ (on the job) training before my first shift on my own. It's a long road to Concierge, but it's amazing how much I am learning already!

Your almost All Star,

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