Thursday, March 14, 2013

Conquering Concierge: Front Desk Class, Part 1

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Oh goodness. Our heroine is headed back to Disney University (DU) this week, where she is going to be challenged, surprised, and readied for her future in a Concierge role.  
She's ready. Are you?

Sunday March 10, 2013 

Disney Lodging: the journey begins

The first day of my training had the lofty title of "the journey begins" like we're helping Frodo carry the ring to Mordor. Unfortunately, it's not half as fun or epic as it sounds. It's similar to the Welcome to Recreation class I had for lifeguarding. I expected to get a lot more out of the class, but we just didn't do much. We went over the Walt Disney World Company as a whole, we discussed each hotel, we planned a vacation for a family, we talked about the different roles in a hotel, we covered the basic, theoretical check in process, and that was about it. It was very little information stretched into an 8 hour day. And since it was just the two of us in the class, both of us being transfers, the amount of new information was pretty limited.

Oh right. I should explain. My class consisted of myself and one other girl. We were both transfers, both going to work at the All Star Resorts. So with our 2 trainers, there were only 4 of us. The other girl had already worked Front Desk before, so this was the second time she was hearing most of this. While it was mostly old news for her, there was new things for me to learn

Biggest Takeaways

  • Importance of not saying too much guest information out loud (like room numbers or full home addresses

  • Must immediately add "my pleasure," "assist" (instead of help), and "(you) folks" (as opposed to you guys) to my frequently used vocabulary

  • Luggage service is free (and convenient) at all the Disney Value resorts, while the other resorts use Bell Services which depends on tips and requires the guest to be in their room for delivery

  • Disney's Value Resorts are 2 Diamond (AAA rating), The Moderates and Villas are 3 Diamond and the Deluxe Resorts and Deluxe Villas are 4 Diamond. None of the resorts are 5 Diamond, though the Grand could be if the golf course was on property instead of across the street and the resort was exclusive, which will never happen because of the monorail going right through the hotel

  • Front Desk and Concierge's Coordinators are called Frontline Service Advisors (FSAs)

  • I will likely have the opportunity to become Segway trained, which includes about a 6 hour class at Epcot (sign me up now!).



Monday March 11, 2013

Disney Lodging: destination cashier (Day 1)

So day 2 (day 2 of my training, but day 1 of cashier training-sorry I know it's confusing!) was a little more exciting, but compared to Sunday anything would seem exciting. This time we were in a computer lab, so we could actually see LILO, the reservation system, in person. Once I got into LILO, I was pretty relieved. I've worked random computer systems before, and LILO is very user friendly. Even when I forget exactly how to do something, I just have to make a few educated guesses and I can usually figure out what I need. We covered the 8 Technical steps of Check Ins with credit cards. We also had our first Lab. At Disney University they have a mock Front Desk set up for us to practice checking in guests. It is great experience, so when we get to OJT (on the job), it won't be the first time we've done things on our own.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Always present information to a guest. Do not set it down in front of them.

  • I did my first Check In, and it wasn't that bad!

  • We have to Bank In and Bank Out for each shift, since we are technically cashiers, AKA we have a bank

  • Also as cashiers we have to fill our a check sheet for all payments we take in during our shift 


     Continued in Part 2! 

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