Sunday, March 3, 2013

Conquering Concierge: The Anticipation!

You may have noticed that I have a new category of posts called Conquering Concierge, which will obviously cover information about my new role, concierge!!

For those of you coming to my blog for Lifeguard information, do not worry!! I still have quite a few posts about the Lifeguard Role coming up, so keep checking the Guarding the World section. There were so few detailed lifeguard blogs before I started my program, so I'd like to remedy that as much as possible for future CPs and lifeguards. And as always if you have any questions, please leave a comment! I will get back to you with a comment or with a post to answer your question.

So it turns out, one of the ICPs (from England) working at Art of Animation now, used to work Concierge at Port Orleans. She absolutely loved it and already misses it! And I couldn't believe my luck, finding someone who could answer some of my questions. She is in the middle of a year long College Program, so she completed 6 months in Concierge before getting transferred into Lifeguard. She is still adjusting to the change. The roles are on opposite sides of the guest interaction spectrum! Concierge, all you do is talk! But as a lifeguard you have to watch your water and limit your guest interaction to when you are off stand. Which is only minutes of your day, spread out and far between. One of my managers said he used to work Front Desk and lost his voice from talking so much! Sounds familiar. My choir in college would "mingle" after our shows. So after singing for around an hour or so, we'd have another half hour of talking. I do tend to lose my voice when I'm not getting enough sleep, but I'm too worried! I feed off of other people's energy (or lack thereof), so that will help!

She also talked about all the emails she'd get for Concierge keeping her up-to-date with the resort and maintenance for whenever anything was closed. Also she got comp tickets for everything, because she needed to know about all the events, so she'd know how to explain it to guests. Basically she sounds like she knows just about EVERYTHING about the Disney Parks. I CANNOT wait for that to be me!

She did mention getting yelled at guests pretty much every day. I am not excited about that at all. And I'm a little worried about getting comfortable with checking in guests. It shouldn't take me too long to get the hang of it. But I know the first few days will be scary, since some guests will be impatient to get to their hotel rooms and on with their Disney vacations. But I'm sure that training will be extensive enough that I'll know how to handle most situations.

I start training at Disney University on March 10 (next Sunday). So Sunday through Wednesday "The Journey Begins" at Disney U. Then I have Thursday off and Friday I have "Rolling Out the Red Carpet," which is All Star's Resort Orientation, so I need to find All Star Cast Services for that. I don't have my training schedule beyond that, but March 17 or so I should start Training on the Job at All Star Music.

Tomorrow I start my last week working as a Full Time Pop/Art  Lifeguard. I'm really going to miss everyone there. So I'm going to make the most of my last few days.

See You Real Soon!

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