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Challenges: Flights of the Kingdom

I just love flights!
So this is one of the Challenges that I'm the most excited about. It's unique, creative, and it's something I love! I love flights. Flights of beer. Flights of Tequila, Flights of whisky. Oh goodness, that sounds like a good day. This Challenge takes a bit of research on my part, also something I enjoy. So keep checking back to this page if you want more information on flights throughout Walt Disney World Resort, and reviews once I've tried them

The Challenge: Try Every Type of Flight in the Kingdom

Personally I am aiming to try every flight at Walt Disney World, but in order for the "every Disney fan" to complete this challenge, you must try one of each type of flight, so one beer, one tequila, one margarita, one martini, one sake, one whisky, and one wine.

Difficulty: 4 Out of 5 Tiaras

This is a quite difficult challenge. I think the martini flight at the Brown Derby or the Whisky flight at Le Cellier may be the most difficult ones to complete because they will probably require advanced planning and reservations. Otherwise most of this challege can be completed at Epcot with a little dedication and a drinking partner (or a few!).

My Results: Ongoing Challenge---Keep Checking Back!

I'm posting all of the flights I've done on this page with photo evidence. Once I've finished a category (or just about finished), I'll create a separate post with more information on the experience as well.

#flightsofthekingdom: Beer, Margarita, Martini, Sake, Tequila, Whisky

Beer Flights: 

Beer Flight at Big River Brewery on the Boardwalk
Price: $
Ranking: FAVORITE!

Beer Flight at Raglan Road at Downtown Disney
Price: $
Ranking: Okay.

Beer Flight at The Wave Restaurant at Disney's Contemporary Resort
Price: $
Ranking: Good.

Imperial Sampler at The Rose and Crown in Epcot
Price: $
Ranking: Okay.

Farm Fresh Beer Flight at Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival
Availability: Seasonal & Subject to change
Price: $
Ranking: In love.

Beer Garden Beer Flight at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival
Availability: Seasonal & Subject to change
Price: $
Ranking: Good.

Big River (Boardwalk), Rose and Crown (Epcot), Ragland Road (Downtown Disney), the Wave (Contemporary), Seasonal Beer Flights


Margarita Flight: 

Hollywood's Brown Derby (Studios)


Martini Flight:

Yet to complete any Martini flight.

 Hollywood's Brown Derby (Studios)


Sake Flight:

Sake Flight at Tokyo Dining at Epcot

Tokyo Dining (Epcot)

Tequila flight: 

My brother and I did one of the tequila flights during Food and Wine festival, which was like one of the flights offered in the tequila cave. Currently searching for photo proof.

Prepared Tequila Flights at La Cava De Tequila
Tequila Flight at La Cava De Tequila
La Cava de la Tequila (Epcot), Mexico booth (Food and Wine Festival)

Whisky Flight: 

Whisky Flight at Rose and Crown in Epcot

Le Cellier (Epcot), Ragland Road (Downtown Disney), Whispering Canyon (Disney's Wilderness Lodge), Rose and Crown (Epcot)

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