Friday, February 15, 2013

Life Updates: Happy February 15th!

Sorry for the giant picture of myself, but my boyfriend sent me flowers, and I am kind of super excited about it. They're beautiful lilies and about half of them have not bloomed yet, so this arrangement is only going to get prettier in the next few days.

I have not blogged in forever! So this is just a very quick post to tell you about what's happening at this second and to link to some of the posts that have been a long time coming which should be up very shortly. I promise!

I'm still working at Pop Century and Art of Animation as a Lifeguard. I am usually working at Art with my friends Nemo, Squirt, Mater, Ariel, Mufasa, Simba, and....I think you get the idea. I really love all of the people I am working with. The coordinators, the guards, and the new CPs.  We are on 9 hour shifts, so I work 4 days a week and I have IST (inservice training) every other Tuesday. I also have a lot of random other trainings thrown in every so often. This week I had a round table discussion meeting with our manager and a few other new guards, mostly CPs. The meeting was only an hour, and our manager just read off some questions and asked for our experience as new cast members/guards. I didn't take much away from the meeting, since I am not really a new cast member. I've been here since September! I've really got a solid handle on everything in terms of being a lifeguard right now.

<Management side note> Even though I didn't get much out of the meeting personally as a guard, as a future manager I liked seeing how Disney does things like this. Our manager is very strict and by-the-book and sometimes it comes across as really unfair in stories I've heard from other guards, but when I hear her explain herself, I really respect how she manages. I also like that Disney/our department has so many little required meetings like this one. I've been to a showing of Finding Nemo, a departmental meeting, a Town Hall meeting, and then this round table. I can't give specifics about all the meetings, but even though it seems like a lot and not necessarily all vital to my performance as a lifeguard, it's comforting knowing that I won't fall through the cracks. And if I ever feel like I'm not being heard, I will have a chance at one of these meetings. </end side note>

*ahem* Like I said I have a real solid grasp on how to lifeguard, which really makes me think it's time to switch roles. Like something more related to my degree (I'm trying to make an exciting segue and tell you some news at the same time--but I don't think it's working).

Remember how I mentioned that I applied for Concierge, thinking it would be the perfect role for me? Well, I got a call January 29th from Casting saying I was approved for the role, but I was now on a waitlist...for who knows how long. Well, just as I was starting to despair that nothing would ever happen with that...I got another call from Casting! This one was on February 5th, last Tuesday. They said that I would be transfered March 10 into the Concierge Role working at All Star Music!

As much as I'd like to work somewhere as fancy as the Grand or Poly or my dream of working in the DVC resorts, I'm really excited for All Star!! Pretty soon I will be an expert when it comes to Disney's Value Resorts. Never something I'd think about boasting, but I've worked in them all, so if you have questions, I have answers!

What other updates do I have for you? Let's see. My mom and aunt are visiting me next weekend (eeeep!) for the Princess Half Marathon. And yes, I will be running in the aforementioned half marathon. They are driving from Indiana and should get to Orlando Thursday evening. We are going to do Universal on Friday, the Expo for the half marathon on Saturday, the race on Sunday morning, and then a screening of Oz (the movie) on Sunday afternoon at Epcot. I'm so excited for all of that!!

Anything else? Well, I bought some new Disney merch/presents for myself, but I'm going to save some of those for a new series I am starting called "Cast Connection Find of the Week." What I can share is that I bought a Belle coffee mug, which I'm already in LOVE with. I also bought a "Be Our Guest" decorative pillow, which says "Tale as old as time" on the alternate sign. I have been eyeing the pillow since they starting displaying them and being the hospitality buff that I am, it is the perfect pillow for me.

Okay, like a promised here are some of the posts to be looking for which will have some more specifics that this post. Have a magical day!!

Posts to look for:

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  1. Maybe your cast connection finds of the week could end up in a Holy Spirit Silent Auction Basket eh?