Saturday, January 12, 2013

Life Updates: Post CP

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Oh my goodness. So much has happened in my life since the last time I updated this blog. On top of that, so many potential blog posts have popped up in my head since then, so I feel like I am so behind on this blog. Take a breath with me, pour an extra cup of coffee, and help me find myself again in this Life Update. And proceed.

I feel so behind because I have had the flu for the past 2 weeks. It has been the worst. Body aches, fever, chills, neck pain, headaches, etc. Even when I've taken enough sinus medicine and ibuprofen to cover up the symptoms, I'm still absolutely zapped of any energy. This has been the worst time to be this sick because I have had so much to do, and I had to work on some of my worst sick days.

December 30-January 2: Work with the Flu
I called in sick on New Years Eve (Monday). I woke up, got breakfast, even got most of the way ready, and then laid down and realized there was not much chance that I was getting back up. I was dizzy and sweaty and a little nauseous. So I went back to bed and actually slept for most of the day. Come evening I was still too tired to get out of bed to go out for New Years. Then that evening I had the worst cold chills of my life followed by an incredible fever. I didn't call in for work that day because I had already missed one day of work and I wanted to get enough hours for somewhat of a paycheck. Work was rough, but manageable. I was mostly just tired. Then I worked Wednesday, and it was miserable. I was one of 3 lifeguards who suspected that they had the flu. I had a fever and body aches most of the day. I was also getting dizzy. Usually I like to rove a lot, even on sitting stands, just because I like the extra exercise and it helps make time go by faster, but I just couldn't. For the 5 minute rule I would stand up and sit right back down.

January 3- 6: Transition from Vista Way to the Apartment
After Wednesday I had 4 days off, so Wednesday was officially my last day working as a CP. January 4th was the official end of my college program, so I had to be completely moved out of Vista Way by 11am that Friday morning.  My parents and brothers visited during Christmas (I had to work most of the time, but it was still great) and my parents were still in town, so they were able to help me
with my move, which was a godsend!! I packed my car and did some unpacking Thursday morning, then I packed up pretty much everything else by the afternoon and my parents helped me unpack that load of my things into the new apartment.

They were staying in a hotel nearby, so I crashed there since I still didn't have a bed in my new bedroom. They did a lot of shopping for my new place too, to help get me settled. My mom held off on some Christmas presents, so she wanted to make up for that in helping me with my apartment (thanks Mom!!). Also I had to take a break Friday because I wasn't feel well enough to shop all day, so they literally did a lot of shopping FOR me.

January 7-10: Official Training as a Full Time Lifeguard!
Monday began my first day of training to become a Full Time Statused Lifeguard in the Pop/Art region, which means that I had to be officially trained for working at both Pop Century and Art of Animation. I was already working at Pop Century for a month and really all I needed was a 2 hour deployment tour of Art to be ready to work there, but since I was going CP to Full Time, I needed to be official! I am going to work on a blog post about the process of applying/going CP to Full Time. I will also do a post about my resort orientation/OTJ training  for Pop/Art similar to the one I did for the beginning of my program when I was officially trained at the Contemporary.

Let me know if there are any CP/Disney questions I can answer! I'm thinking about doing a brief FAQ post and maybe another with more advice about packing, what to expect, etc.

Have a Magical Day!

PS: One more thing that I really wanted to share. On Thursday I applied for Concierge at Disney online. I haven't received a response yet, but hopefully I will at least get an interview. If I do not get the job as Concierge, they will still put me into a "pool," which they can pick from later when there are more openings. I am incredibly excited about this opportunity and am hoping for the best! It sounds like the perfect role for me.

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