Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where in the World? Thanksgiving Themed

In which Walt Disney World Resort hotel would you be able to pose in front of this working, gingerbread carousel?

Why is this Thanksgiving themed, you ask? Read past the bump for my little tale of epic ice cream proportions.

For Thanksgiving this year, my friends and I decided that Hooters was a good place to celebrate. We'd never been and had planned on visiting the Hooters at some point, so why not Thanksgiving? So we went, bought the greasiest, fried meals we could (it's Thanksgiving, we were supposed to pig out), enjoyed each other company, purchased tshirts, and discussed dessert.

And that's when the idea of conquering the Kitchen Sink was introduced. Yes, AFTER I ate wings, fried pickles, and loaded tater tots. Believe me, if this had been premeditated we would have had salads for dinner, and we would have recruited at least one or two other people to assist.

But we had a goal in mind and enough determination to get the job done. (Pictures to prove it coming soon!)

 Update:: Photos!


So happy and carefree


We're smiling...but I think you can tell my smile is masking the nauseau...

Clues & Fun Facts Ahead:
1. We parked at this resort because it is the closest to Beaches and Cream, the home of the Kitchen Sink
2. Just to the right of me in this picture is a Christmas Tree, which is decorated entirely in a beach theme.
3. This resort's pool is Disney's only pool with sand on the bottom.
4. If you weren't coming here for a Kitchen Sink, you might be interested in a clam bake buffet instead.

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