Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Disney Diet: Progress Report

A bag of apples is an excellent credit
I started to write a blog post with a list of random spurts of information/advice that I wanted to tell people about living on the Disney College Program. Then I realized that most of them revolved around eating and groceries and buying things. So I decided to do a Progress Report about my life on the "Disney Diet." (see this post for background information)

First of all I have 5 roommates, and I hate cooking for myself when there's a lot of people around.  I have luckily had times when it’s just me in my apartment. Some days 3 will be at work and 2 will be at the pool. This is typically when I do some cooking, because I like having the kitchen for myself for meals.
I have very little in my pantry/fridge/freezer. I’ve been on my own enough to know my food habits. I tend to buy a lot and then not use it up and sometimes have a bit to throw out before I move. I’ve actually cooked a lot on my own, even though I probably have the least food items of my roommates haha.

My pantry items: pasta, canned tuna, splenda, corn, black beans, brown rice, peanut butter
Fridge: margarine, apples, carrots, celery, condiments, lunch meat, tortilla shells
Freezer: bread, tilapia
I use corn and beans a lot. Chicken and ground turkey when I feel like paying for it. I have frozen tilapia for healthier days/fish tacos. Also I try to add brown rice to meals because it’s cheap, but can be filling and nutritional. I always have some bananas and apples on hand, and I buy celery and carrots and cut them up so I can snack on them with peanut butter at work.

Since I work 10 hour days, I have to pack lunch and dinner. I'll usually make myself a wrap and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then along with that I'll pack chips, a chocolate peanut bar, an apple, carrots and celery. And then I can sit down to a full meal for my break and still have plenty to snack on throughout the day.

I also did decide to bake during my program. It was definitely worth buying flour, sugar, baking soda, etc. I've been able to make quite a few things using my baking supplies. Plus it's so much cheaper than buying box mixes or cookie dough every time. I've mastered a few new recipes too.

More Food Tips!

  • If you don't have a car, make sure you have extra staples on hand. Buy an extra loaf of bread for the freezer, so you can always have toast/sandwiches.  Consider soymilk that doesn't have to be refrigerated (until opened) in your closet, so you always have milk. 
  •  Only put what absolutely must be kept cold in the fridge. 
  • Go to the grocery and cook for yourself. When I avoid going to the store, I end up eating Chick Fil A more than I should because it's right there and seems convenient. Also you'll save money, so the times you do go out to eat with your friends it'll be a treat and not so destructive to your bank account.
  • Share basic pantry items with your roomies, like olive oil, nonstick spray, salt, spices, margarine, mayo, etc. We've had like 5 different tubs of margarine in the fridge before and it was not the most efficient space-wise.
  • Get tupperware or lots of sandwich bags. If you pack your lunches/have leftovers, you'll use them plenty. 

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