Sunday, December 23, 2012

Living in the Kingdom: To Infinity and Beyond

Peter told me to do credit

I have officially made my decision to stay in Orlando, FL for a year and see where it takes me. I actually made this decision several weeks ago and have since been going back and forth from "What am I doing? " to "This is a good experience, " and every where in between.

One of the curses/blessings about being a lifeguard is that you have a lot of time to yourself to think. So I'll go into work thinking I'm fine, I have a plan, and in 6 months I'll put in a transfer to Front Desk or Concierge. But then about 2 hours into my shift, I'm itching to send out about 10 more application to hotels or cruise lines. Plus people always want to try to give you advice so that doesn't help my ambivalence at all.

As of this moment I am going Full Time as a shallow water lifeguard at Pop Century Resort starting January 7th. At the same time I'm looking for part time work/a different full time job in the Orlando area (so if you have any leads on hospitality jobs, let this princess know). I'd love to start full time with a chain like Marriott, with potential to move around the country down the road. At that point I'd go part time/seasonal with Disney.

This is a very concise explanation of some of what's been on my mind all month. Basically I'm going to be up for anything this coming year, I just hope 2013 is ready for me.

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