Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life in the Kingdom: Traditions...Tradition!

Look at the little critter I got!
 Today's my day off. Yesterday I had my "Legacy Day" at the Contemporary Resort, which was amazing. I'd write about that, but my last post was about Check In, so I want to cover Traditions, Lifeguard Class, and everything else in between.

Again here are the highlights:

9/6-9/7 Days off
Thursday and Friday after Check In were a little slow. My roommates and I were bummed because we had all this free time, but no access to the Parks yet... Thursday I got up and ran around Vista. Then I chilled at the apartment for a bit, until our Housing Meeting at 1pm at The Commons, where they played loud music and went over the rules. After that I met up with my parents for dinner. Came home then went out to a party that night with my roommates (want more info on party bus/night life? leave a comment!).

Friday I got up and ran, kinda waited for the roomies to wake up. We spent most of the early afternoon at the pool (I love living right by the pool). Then we went out shopping and ended the evening with dinner at TRex at Downtown Disney. It was delicious especially because I was so hungry!

9/8 Traditions! At last!
Again I got up, ran around Vista and then spent a little time pool side before I got all professional for Traditions. 4 of my roommates had the early Traditions (6:45am at bus stop), one was asked not to go because her background check was not complete yet, so I was the only one going to the later class (12:45pm at bus stop). My roommates said that they did not really enjoy their Traditions classes, but I absolutely LOVED mine! I met a trio of roommates while I was waiting for the bus, who I sat with for the day. The day lasted about 4-4.5 hours, but it was amazing. The bus took us to Disney University, which is right by the Magic Kingdom/West Clock stop for CPs. They led us in and then split us up into 3-4 groups. They led those groups one at a time upstairs, where they checked us one at a time for Disney Look, looked at our Government ID's and then gave us our...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Our Disney IDs! Aka our access to ALL the magic! Our blue magical passes!

But we still had the class to get through before our park adventures could begin. So we went into our classroom, and the class began. We had 2 presenters, Matt and Zuli. They had both been with the company for 10-15+ years and had lots of inspiring stories to tell. Every group is going to have different presenters, which I think is why my other roommates weren't crazy about their classes. My presenters were a good mix of "too much excitement" and "genuine showmanship" (Matt's experience was in Entertainment), so they really balanced each other out.

The first video they showed featured part of Walt's speech for opening day at Disneyland. It seriously made tears come to eyes which I had to fight back throughout the day (happy tears!). The class covered history, traditions, a tour of the Magic Kingdom, and then went into depth of the "4 Keys" which Disney Cast Members are to focus on (Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency-in that order).

Curious for some examples?
Safety: Our trainer took a picture of some guys on the bridge to Tomorrowland. One of the guys tried to sit on the rail, but our instructor asked him "not to sit on our friend!" He could've fallen in the water. I would've saved him, but  I hadn't gone through lifeguard training yet.

Courtesy: "Ma'am, can I take that picture for you?" "After you, Princess!" "Sir, can I help you find the Tea Cups today?" Basically any way that Cast Members go out of their way to help their guests or make them feel welcome.

Show: Our costumes, the new Halloween decor, store fronts, music, smells, etc. You can probably name a few too...

Efficiency: During our tour we tried to stay on one side of the street to get through the crowd. Also we looked at some of the queues which wrap around to minimize space (and confuse guests about how long they are waiting ;p ).

The tour through Magic Kingdom was really to showcase all these keys to make them easier to understand. My mom and I went on the "Keys to the Kingdom" Tour at Magic Kingdom, where I first heard about these 4 keys. I felt like Traditions was a less detailed version of that tour. So if you want to know more, but don't see becoming a Cast Member in the future, I would really recommend that tour. I loved my tour guide. Maybe guiding that tour will be in my future...

So that was my Traditions class in a neat little blog worthy package. I'm sure I've missed some things so leave a comment if you have more questions!!

My next posts will be on my "Welcome to Recreation" class, 3 days of lifeguard training, and my Legacy Day at the Contemporary. Whew that's a bit to cover.

In magical passes,

PS: You get to meet your boss during your Traditions class. And if you're anything like me, your face will light up like a Christmas Tree when he brings in your name badges.

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