Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What should be on your Disney Bucket List?

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Every CP has the typical items on their Disney "Bucket" lists. The common "Visit all 4 Parks in One Day," , the stomach-ache-inducing "Finish the Kitchen Sink," the lofty "Ride/See every, single Attraction," and the just ridiculous "Ride Everest 60 Times in a Row" or something like that.

I just compiled my own Bucket List, and I wanted to find some new, creative ideas for the list. I actually found some really great ones and thought of some new ones as well. Some that I just had to add to my list. So here's the list of creative ones I found on the message boards and some I've made up. I'd love to know if you add any to your lists!!

Creative Bucket List Ideas
  • Meet a guest from all 50 States (I got this idea from Emma's list)
  • Have a Beverly Shot Contest (If you are as confused as I was see the video below..)
  • Use a British accent for one entire shift (Especially great if you get to use a microphone during your shift!)
  • Ride A Small World with someone from each country represented
  • Find a family of three and let them into the parks for free (LOVE this!!! Adding it to mine)
  • Be the first/last one in the parks
  • "Create" a new Hidden Mickey (use your Cast Member powers for good!)
  • Visit all of your roommates at work/Get a picture of them in costume (great challenge if you're in a 4 bedroom haha)

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