Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Outskirts of the Kingdom: Packing!

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Okay. Before I even get into my real post can I just express how much I'm loving this picture? It's from Disneyland's Facebook page. Be sure to look at the original version. All the little princesses match up with their respective Disney princess luggage. It's adorable, magical, precious, and no one has stiff Bibbity-Boppity-Boutique hair (bonus!). Okay moving on...

I'm just under a month away from my check in date! That means I need to start getting serious about the packing process. I've been scouring the message boards and looking through old Disney CP blogs to see what people suggest to bring and what to leave at home. The biggest problem people seem to have with packing is clothes. Everyone says that they bring too much. Everyone!

I will be driving down, so I do plan on bringing a lot of stuff. I really don't want to have to buy much once I'm down there, especially dorm room type stuff since I already own that. But I will be driving down in my little Mitsubishi Gallant with myself, my mom and dad (and Duffy & Minnie), so it's going to be a tight squeeze.

  • Use Walmart's "Ship-to-Store" Online
    • If you're going to be buying things from the Walmart when you get down there, try ordering online and use "Ship-to-Store." A majority of people said that Walmart is packed with other College Program kids, and a lot of things they want are sold out when they get there, like curtains and sheets. So using the ship-to-store option will not only ensure that you get everything you need, it'll also help you bypass the crowds. It's like Fastpass...for Walmart...
    • Walmart near Disney: 3250 Vineland Road, Kissimmee, FL 34746
  • Coordinate with a roomie
    • This way you don't end up with 2 toasters and 3 hair dryers when you get down there.
  • Watch an apartment tour on youtube
    • I think this is a good idea because you can get an idea of the layout of a typical Disney CP apartment.
Right now I'm "staging" some of my packing items in my room, like my open suitcase, storage containers I will bring, sheets, towels, etc, but I do not plan on putting anything into my car until 2 weeks before. I'll have to update later you on how well that goes... With pictures!

Sending you positive vibes of organized packing!

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