Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Plans Post Fall 2012 CP

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I write this as my cat sits on my mouse and my CTRL keys pops of the keyboard. This is why I can't have nice things...

I think I've written a little bit about my plans, but with the applications for the Spring Professional Internships going up very soon , I feel the need to readdress it. Specifically for my peace of mind. And my fathers. He does not understand that I have a plan past the CP, and he really does not understand why I would accept a job as a lifeguard making way below my "earning potential" when I am a college graduate.

Also today my mind has been all a buzz with my expectations for after the CP. I've been in Kansas City, MO for the past few days helping my brother find an apartment in the area. His job has transferred him from Milwaukee to Kansas and is paying for his moving costs including paying for the housing search. It makes me want an apartment that I can actually settle in and decorate.
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Like I said I am a college graduate. I graduated in May 2012, but I still really wanted to do the CP. I want to do it for the experience, the social aspect, the networking opportunities, and most importantly to decide whether or not Disney is a company I want to pursue. I majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and while I received an amazing education, many of the examples I used to learn and discuss great hospitality came from my real world experiences because I'm lucky to have been to Disney World a few times.

Scenario A: The Dream
Get a Professional Internship after the CP. Either live in Disney Housing or find an apartment.

Scenario B:
Do another CP starting in January, either Concierge, Housekeeping, or Front Desk. Post on "extending the CP

Scenario C:
Accept a full time position in my role (Lifeguard).

Scenario D: 
Audition to be Princess/Parade Performer, land the role, and do entertainment for a while. =)

Scenario E:
Apply for a job working a cruise ship, being a flight attendant, or a tour guide.

Scenario KW
Finally write finish my novel, get it published and mildly popular, and move to Key West

Scenario P:
Become a Pirate. Or mermaid. Just kidding. Already accomplished.

Following Scenarios A, B, C, D, & E I will find an apartment in Orlando (if I haven't already) and get a full time job (not necessarily with Disney). I want a job in management since that's what my degree is in.

If you hadn't noticed, I'm using Tiana as my imagery for this post. Tiana is the only princess with real career ambitions, since she is more of a modern day princess. Not only that but she's in the hospitality industry and loves to cook! I definitely love Tiana and down the road I want to be my own boss and possibly own my own restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, or brew pub. But for now I want to work for Disney.

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Anyone else going to apply for a Professional Internship for the Spring? I plan on applying for every one that I can. Not sure when the Internships will go up, but it's so soon!!

Much Affection,

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