Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Favorite Sounds of the Kingdom

photo credits
"Welcome home." -any resort. Aaaww finally home. =)

"Driver, we're clear. Beep beep." -Parking Lot trams

"Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas." -Monorails

"Welcome to the World Famous Jungle Cruise! World famous for being world famous." -(you guessed it!) the world famous Jungle Cruise

"Hold on to yer hats cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!" -Big Thunder Mountain

"A-a-aa-achooooo!" -Ice Gator at Blizzard Beach

"Upon entering the theater, please move as far to the end of the row as possible. Stopping in the middle is distinctly unpatriotic." -Sam Eagle at Muppet Vission 3D (and basically anything any of the Muppets say)

"Dead men tell no tales." -uh..Dead pirates?

"Hurry ba-ack.. Please sure to bring your death certificate should you decide to join us." -Little Leotta at Haunted Mansion

The entire "Opening Ceremony" at the Magic Kingdom (makes me cry...)

"Come in Simba 1." -Safari at Animal Kingdom

"She was my roommate in college. We used to call her stupid Ellen." -Jamie Lee Curtis at Ellen's Universe of Energy

"On this magic night...Glimmering, shimmering, carousel-ling..." -Spectromagic


  1. Love these but I think the Safari has changed!:)

  2. I know but I haven't seen the new one yet, so it doesn't count! haha