Friday, August 31, 2012

Management/Professional Internships Spring 2013

Don't just fly, soar
They are up! I can't believe they are already up! (Yes, they've been up since last Monday, but I'm just now getting to a blog post about it)

I am having real problem refraining from worrying about these Professional Internships. My official decision is to wait to apply. This goes against everything I ever do or advise people to do, but for my situation I need to. Most of the positions prefer that you have done the College Program before, so I want to be able to submit a resume which lists the College Program in my resume. Also because I have graduated college, the only reason I am eligible for most of these internships is because I am a current participant in the CP.

Whew, can you tell how nervous I am from this post? Maybe not, but trust me I AM!

I am apart of a Facebook "Support" Group for the Spring PIs, which is helping and making me more nervous. It's good because I can see how much everyone else is preparing, so I am making sure that I am (at the very least) putting in as much effort as they are. Also some people are reporting that they have gotten NLIC (no longer in consideration) from some of their roles, which worries me and also makes me feel better. When I applied for a PI last year, I got a phone interview, so I know that I can probably get to that point again.

Also can I tell you how great my resume looks? It looks awesome!! It makes me wonder how I ever thought my old resume was quality. I guess it was quality enough for college, but my new resume is for the real career world. Look for a few posts on what I've learned about Resume writing and cover letters on Every College Girl in the near future.

I'm going to leave you (as I often do) with a list of what I need to do to prepare for my Professional Internship Applications.

Checklist For MI/PI
  • Edit, edit, edit my resume!!
  • Scan transcripts
  • Write my "general" Disney cover letter
  • Breathe and drink more coffee
  • Practice/read up about phone interviews
If you're applying, I wish you the best of luck and let me know so I can send pixie dust your way!

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