Thursday, August 2, 2012

Disney College Program: Is It For You?

Well, is it? photo credit
I made a big list for this post a while back, but I'm not quite sure where I wrote that down. So if you have some to add please leave me a comment! Enjoy.

The Disney CP is NOT for you if:

You want to make a lot of money
You're not willing to follow/read rules
You refuse to wear a "costume" to work every day
You don't realize what you're signing up for
You don't do your Disney research
You are worried about spoiling the magic
You hate hot weather and sweating
You don't like people or children
You can't smile for long periods of time

The Disney CP IS for you if:

You want to meet a lot of new people from all over the globe
You want to get your foot in the door at a great entertainment/hospitality company
You are willing to go out of your way to network for a future job
It's been your dream since before high school...
You are very open minded
You are willing to work a (possibly) less-than-ideal job, just to get a glimpse of Disney's company
You cannot wait to earn your ears
You want to get a Professional Internship down the road

Notice I did not even add getting into the parks for free in either of lists. There are just so many other reasons to do it than that! I don't think everyone realizes that. I do know that some people come out of their College Program hating it and having a poor experience. It is not an easy internship. You could get a job you don't care for and a manager that doesn't like you or that you just don't work well with. I definitely suggest educating yourself on the reasons why people don't like it. It's usually a bad manager, long hours, roommate issues, or something else outside of your control. If you go into this internship knowing what you want to get out of it, it will really help you survive the negative parts.

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