Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life Updates: The June Version

I started looking back through my posts and found that there are none from June. And quite a bit happened in June. So here's my month condensed into a post. With pictures! I realized how little personal photos are on this blog, and I am changing that today.

Training for a new job: 7 Straight Days of craziness!
We may serve beer...

Organizing the Kiddie Booth for my Church's Festival: This included buying prizes, finding volunteers, pricing out everything, practicing face painting, and LOTS of laminating.
Lots of colorful prizes!
My version of a butterfly

My second Cubs game "Go, Cubs Go!": I'm officially a Cub's good luck charm. Yes!
Can someone say Old Style?

Milwaukee Springfest: featuring the Beach Boys, Chicago, AND Robyn. This was beyond, BEYOND awesome. The facilities at Springfest are made specifically for the festival and they are great. I didn't have to wait in any lines for the bathroom! And so many great music venues.
The whole group posing before the Beach Boys performance

Moving my brother: from a house to an apartment in Milwaukee. Just this week, however, my brother is going to be moving to Kansas City for work. This will include more moving and traveling, which I hope to help him with. It's poor timing, especially since his new apartment was great, but his company will cover basically the whole move. They're even giving him a paid week to search for an apartment. Not too shabby.
His apartment is above a combination dog wash & coffee shop. What a cute concept!
Yes, so that's the super condensed version of my June. It went by too fast. Actually so did July. July is practically over! And it was just as fun, so I'll have to post some pictures from that as well. Enjoy and expect some actual Disney posts shortly!

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