Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life Updates: I graduated. Now what?

Congraduation to me?
Congraduation to me?
That blog title could not describe my life more perfectly right now. I have a lot of nothing going on right now, which makes me feel a little guilty, especially when my brother comes home to work from home for a week or my dad takes a day off from work to do chores around the house, and it looks like I am not up to much at all. Just a dentist appointment, eye doctor, some TV watching, running, working for my mom, organizing the kiddie booth for my church's festival (actually a pretty big undertaking), making brownies, going to interviews, and getting a job.

(This is the part where you're supposed to interject Getting a job? Dentist? That's not a lot of nothing, Julie!)

Yes, I got a job as a server at a new restaurant. The only problem is that the restaurant does not open until July 2. I still have training, which I will do at a different location (they have about 5 other locations), but right now it's a lot of nothing. I did orientation on Wednesday morning. I purposely chose the earliest orientation time offered hoping that I would start training earlier, but I still have not heard anything. I'm just ready to begin the work because if I have to wait to begin, I know I will have a lot to do at once in July.

One Disney CP thing I've done is start a packing list and have gotten a roommate. She wants a one bedroom, so hopefully we can get our request. I'm on the fence about what I'd like better, more roommates or just the one. I think I will probably love a one bedroom though. I like to go out to have my fun, and then I like coming home to a chill, quiet apartment. But either way I know I can be happy. I'm a super adaptable person. Years of camping, sharing a tiny hotel room with 5 people, and living in my lake house with random people coming and going have made me that way

Have a Disney day!

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