Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life Updates: I graduated. Now what?

Congraduation to me?
Congraduation to me?
That blog title could not describe my life more perfectly right now. I have a lot of nothing going on right now, which makes me feel a little guilty, especially when my brother comes home to work from home for a week or my dad takes a day off from work to do chores around the house, and it looks like I am not up to much at all. Just a dentist appointment, eye doctor, some TV watching, running, working for my mom, organizing the kiddie booth for my church's festival (actually a pretty big undertaking), making brownies, going to interviews, and getting a job.

(This is the part where you're supposed to interject Getting a job? Dentist? That's not a lot of nothing, Julie!)

Yes, I got a job as a server at a new restaurant. The only problem is that the restaurant does not open until July 2. I still have training, which I will do at a different location (they have about 5 other locations), but right now it's a lot of nothing. I did orientation on Wednesday morning. I purposely chose the earliest orientation time offered hoping that I would start training earlier, but I still have not heard anything. I'm just ready to begin the work because if I have to wait to begin, I know I will have a lot to do at once in July.

One Disney CP thing I've done is start a packing list and have gotten a roommate. She wants a one bedroom, so hopefully we can get our request. I'm on the fence about what I'd like better, more roommates or just the one. I think I will probably love a one bedroom though. I like to go out to have my fun, and then I like coming home to a chill, quiet apartment. But either way I know I can be happy. I'm a super adaptable person. Years of camping, sharing a tiny hotel room with 5 people, and living in my lake house with random people coming and going have made me that way

Have a Disney day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guarding the World: "Let's Get to Work" Video

So I found this awesome youtube video about being a Lifeguard in Walt Disney World. It is so corny, I love it! So whether you're a future Disney Lifeguard or just curious, you'll probably enjoy this cute video.

I think my favorite part is when he retrieves the brick and throws his fist in the air. Maybe I'll copy him when I'm completing my lifeguard test.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Outskirts of the Kingdom: Life Updates

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Believe it or not, Disney has actually been off my radar for the past couple of weeks. This is my finals week at school. I only had 2 finals, so I went home for a few days. My mom began asking me questions about the Disney College Program, and I realized just how little I'd thought about it lately...

Yesterday, I finished my last final and now I can obsess about Disney all I want again!

But first I need to:
  • Actually graduate (i.e. walk across the stage and get my diploma)
  • Enjoy senior week (I'm going to a cubs game Wrigley!)
  • Say goodbye to my boyfriend (He's going home to Maryland for the summer and is looking for full time employment. He's an acoustical engineer in case you're looking :p)
  • Pack my car and move home
  • Get a summer job
Well, wish me luck!