Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Makes a Disney College Program Blog?

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I've read through so many Disney CP blogs trying to educate myself myself about my upcoming "magical experience," and I've noticed a few similarities. In no particular order:

Updated 8/18/15: I originally wrote this post April 2012 MONTHS before moving to Florida, so for fun I have updated this posts with more photos and more fun asides. Enjoy my friends!
I'm going to Disney World!
You first few posts will be about your interview/excitement about getting accepted. (Unless of course you're me. I just figured that when you go to a Disney CP blog that they probably got in otherwise they would not be writing it...)

You'll be sure to include a few of these posts:
At least one about your anticipation, packing, and your top ten things to do while working at Disney.

And there's no way you could miss these ones:
A few key posts can be found on any good Disney CP blog: The check in, a photo tour of the apartment, brief overview of traditions and additional training, and the biggie: the first day in the parks!

The obligatory purple folder photo shoot.
They really want me! See it says, "Congratulation Julie." Not Jodie or Janet or Amber or Charlotte or Bob. Julie!
I'm too busy to even take a better picture!
Your Blog Posting Schedule:
The posts will start out strong. Many excited posts before the move to the Kingdom. Then as the program picks up, they start to wane...

That One Apology Post...
You'll fill out your blog with a few apologies to the reader for the lack of posts (because you were to busy being awesome, as you should be!).

Uh.. There was a story behind this.. But what was it?
This is how this one day went... 2 months ago.
Throw in a few job stories after the fact and bam! You have a beautiful Disney CP blog, which I would love to read!
If you have any other similarities you want to share, please leave a comment! And if you have a Disney CP blog (past or upcoming) share a link for that as well!

In magical blog conquest,

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