Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Read These Before You Move Into the Kingdom!

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This is a collection of great articles/forum threads that I have read about the Disney College Program. I would definitely encourage anyone doing the Fall Advantage/Fall Program or anyone thinking about the Disney CP at some point in their life to peruse these.

Fridgespace 101
This is an interesting thread at Disboards which tells the story of 8 girls in one Disney apartment. Specifically they highlight how difficult it is for them to share one refrigerator.  You could be housing with more roommates than you planned, so they give some tips of how to deal with it. And there are pictures!

Making Some MONEY!
(you will need a livejournal in order to read this article)
This article gives a practical view at how much money you will be making during your program and how to be smart about your finances. She also gives a great run down of how to pick up shifts and how to figure out overtime.

This is the most thorough account of the Check In day I have found out there. Some things may have changed in regards to the check in, like most of the paperwork is being done online now, but it's still a great way to know what to expect.

Disney Apartment Overview
You'll get a brief overview of each apartment complex and what their reputations are. Also listed are the rent prices you can expect to pay depending on how many roommates you have. Very valuable knowledge!

And if you need more to read in preparation, check out some other great college program blogs! You can search for some on google or Disboards. Below I've listed some of my favorites so far. You may want to read them backwards, starting with their interviews, check in dates, etc.
Happiest Internship on Earth
Working for the Mouse
Rebecca in Disney
Lisa Moren-Disney College Program
Glimmering, Shimmering...

Enjoy your magical reading assignments!

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