Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Outskirts of the Kingdom: Life Updates

I have had an interesting two weeks. Or three or four. Two weeks ago I was on Spring Break in beautiful, sunny South Florida (no Disney unfortunately) touring with the Purduettes, the choir I am in at Purdue University. It was a great trip, and I returned to campus exhausted from all the shows. I returned wanting more than anything to start working on this blog, since all I can think about is Disney!
My Spring Break looked kind of like this. How about yours? (photo credit)
I've been nervous for a while about telling people that I'm doing the Disney College Program after I graduate. I just don't know how people will take it. Like they will think I'm silly and wonder why I can't just get a real job. But the thing is, I'm not ready for this "real" job yet. I want to work for the mouse and get it out of my system, or perhaps get into the mouse's system. It wasn't until over Spring Break that I finally felt comfortable about telling people about my plans after graduation. Everyone I have told has been excited for me and not surprised in the least by my plans, which of course has only made me more excited!

There is one little story I would like to share from my Spring Break. It was at the last show of our entire tour. I was literally twenty minutes away from changing out of my costume into sweats to begin our twenty-four hour bus trip back north. We mingle after our shows in order to get to know some of our audience, thank them for coming, answer questions, smile, and network for jobs if we're lucky. I approached a couple and began thanking them for coming. We got to talking, and I shared how well I knew the area since I worked in Palm Beach last year and because I have family scattered throughout the state. Then I dropped the bombshell. That I'd be working for Disney in the Fall. They were both excited for me and shared that they had a close friend who worked at the Disney Archives near WDW and that he'd been working there for ten years and still enjoyed it. I just love hearing stories like this. It really makes me excited for actually considering a career with Disney.

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