Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Favorite Online Disney Things

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As a kick-off to this blog, I'd just like to do a few posts which will help you get to know me a little faster. I feel like no Disney Blog of mine would be complete without sharing a few of my favorite online things. I have compiled some of my absolute favorite finds, so read on and share some of your own as well!

The Disney Blog

The Disney Blog is where I turn for my news. My Disney news that is. But seriously this one of the sites I visit daily. I found it several years ago, but in like the last year I have been visiting frequently. The blog is well-rounded for a your Disney news. You'll read updates about the Fantasyland expansion one day, an ABC TV show review the next, and then speculations on the growth of the company the next. Talk about an exhaustive news source!

DTunes Radio

One of the things I always miss about the Disney Parks is the music, not just the from the movies or Broadway music, but specifically the background music from when you're walking through the parks. If you're like me, then you'll love Dtuneslive.com. You do need a membership, but it's free and then you can listen to one of the 8 different channels online whenever you want.

Virtual Magic Kingdom

Virtual Magic Kingdom is now closed, but fans of the virtual lands have created VMKRevisted, which allows you to at least "walk through" the game. You get to hear the music and see the awesome graphics again. It's not quite the same, but it is still very fun!
Virtual versions of Haunted Mansion, Sleeping Beauty's Castle, even Storybookland

 YouTube Disney Covers

I feel like these videos will speak sing for themselves...
2006  Florida State University Co-ed Acappella Group - All Night Yahtzee

 Darren Criss singing "I'll Make a Man Out of You"

On Pinterest

I am positive that no one is surprised that I have a Disney themed board on Pinterest. It's one of my favorite boards to update too! Jump onto Pinterest and do a search on "Disney." I'm sure you'll have a hard time not smiling. For more Disney boards to follow check out this Pinterest article at The Disney Blog.
A screenshot of my board

As I'm editing this article I am already thinking of some more of my favorite online Disney things. Perhaps I'll include them in a post in the future. Leave me a comment and share some of your online Disney finds as well!

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