Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guarding the World

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I honestly could not be more pumped to be a lifeguard for my Fall Disney College Program. I specifically focused on the lifeguard role in my interview, mostly because it was a majority of my work experience, but also because I thought it would be the best role for me at Disney. Since I've been a Disney fan since birth, I did not want the CP to ruin the magic for me at all. That meant that working in the actual parks was a fuzzy territory. What if it made me resentful because of annoying guest? Or I would not like going to the parks because it would make me think about work? So I am super excited to either work at the water parks, Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon (love those lazy rivers!) or any one of the beautiful Disney resorts.

I really don't get a choice about where I'm placed. There's a chance that during my swim test I can kind of hint that I'd be better as a deep water guard for the water parks, but I'm not sure which I'd like better. I'd love to try working at both resorts and water parks. Obviously I'm over-thinking something I have no control over!

Cannot wait to start guarding in the world!

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